Women’s rights and Status in Islam


Women’s rights, obligations, and selections have been the topic of books, articles, essays, and lectures. Sadly nonetheless, convincing the world that Muslim ladies usually are not oppressed by Islam is a message that’s simply not getting by.

Islam raised the extent of girls, they had been not chattels being handed from father to husband.

Media headlines scream oppression and the phrases Muslim, ladies, and oppression appear to have develop into inextricably linked. Fourteen hundred years in the past Islam gave ladies’s rights; rights that would not have been imagined by European counterparts. Bold phrases!

It’s the phrases which have been spoken repeatedly, particularly within the final two or three a long time by Muslim converts, and Islamic writers, teachers and educators throughout the globe.

No matter what Muslim ladies do or say to attempt to persuade the world in any other case, phrases like hijab (veil), burqa, polygamy, and Shari`ah (Islamic Law) appear to do little however persuade those who Islam oppresses ladies. Even educated, articulate ladies fulfilling the modest situations of hijab can do little to dispel the myths.

Women who conduct themselves with decorum and style and performance effortlessly within the fashionable world have their achievements and successes celebrated. However, if a girl wears a shawl that covers her hair or places her faith above worldly pursuits she is instantly labeled oppressed.

One wonders if so for girls of different spiritual persuasions. Are modest spiritual ladies of all faiths labeled oppressed? Alternatively, is it simply Islam?

The most seen signal of a Muslim lady’s religion is the headband or hijab; additionally it is the garment that leads individuals to imagine that Islam oppresses ladies. Although Islamic students unanimously agree that modest costume and head coverings are compulsory in Islam, for almost all of Muslim ladies world wide, to cowl, or to not cowl, is a freely made selection.

The ladies who selected to put on hijab view it with no consideration, not a burden and plenty of describe carrying hijab as liberation from the necessity to conform to unrealistic stereotypes and pictures dictated by the media.

Against Oppression

What precisely do Muslim ladies say about themselves in relation to the difficulty of oppression? In 2005, a World Gallup Organization Poll, entitled ‘What women Want’:

‘Listening to the voices of Muslim Woman, revealed that the majority of women polled, in predominantly Muslim countries resented lack of unity among Muslim nations, violent extremism, and political and economic corruption. The headscarf or hijab, or any garment covering the face and body, often depicted as a tool of oppression was not even mentioned.’

The report concluded that ’…most girls within the Muslim world are effectively conscious that they’ve the identical capabilities and deserve the identical basic rights as males.  Majorities of females in every of the eight nations surveyed stated they imagine ladies are capable of make their very own voting selections, to work at any job for which they’re certified, and even to serve within the highest ranges of presidency.’

Islam raised the extent of girls, they had been not chattels being handed from father to husband. They grew to become equal to males, with rights and obligations that keep in mind the character of humankind. Unfortunately throughout the globe, Muslim ladies are victims of cultural aberrations that haven’t any place in Islam. Powerful people and teams declare to be Muslim but fail to follow the true rules of Islam.

Whenever the media reveals unconscionable tales about honour killings, genital mutilation, pressured marriage, the punishment of rape victims, ladies being confined to their houses or ladies being denied training they’re revealing a story of women and men who’re ignorant concerning the standing of girls in Islam.

O you who imagine! You are forbidden to inherit ladies in opposition to their will, and you shouldn’t deal with them with harshness, that you could be take away a part of the bridal cash you may have given them. And reside with them honorably. If you dislike them, it might be that you just dislike a factor and God brings a substantial amount of good by it. (An-Nisaa’ 4:19)

Honoring-women Religion

women's rights

The ladies who selected to put on hijab view it with no consideration, not a burden.

The faith of Islam calls for that ladies be handled with respect, honour, and justice. It condemns oppression of any type. In Islam ladies, like males, are commanded to imagine in God and to worship Him. Women are equal to males by way of reward within the Hereafter.

And whoever does righteous good deeds, male or feminine, and is a real believer within the Oneness of God, such will enter paradise; and never the least injustice, even to the scale of a speck on the again of a date stone, might be carried out to them. (An-Nisaa’ 4:124)

Women in Islam have the best to personal property, to regulate their very own cash to purchase and promote, and to offer presents and charity. It isn’t permissible for anybody to take a girl’s wealth with out her consent. Islam gave ladies’s formal rights of inheritance. Women in Islam have the best to an training; searching for and buying information is an obligation on all Muslims, male or feminine.

Muslim ladies have the best to just accept or refuse marriage proposals as they see match, and married ladies are fully free from the duty of supporting and sustaining the household. Working married ladies are free to contribute to the family bills, or not, as they see match. Women have the best to hunt divorce if it turns into crucial.

The Prophet &  Women’s rights

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stated: “A matron should not be given in marriage except after consulting her; and a virgin should not be given in marriage except after her permission.” The individuals requested: “O God’s messenger!  How can we know her permission?” He stated: “Her silence (indicates her permission).” (Al-Bukhari)

A ladies was given by her father gave her in marriage when she was a matron and she or he disliked that marriage. So she went to God’s Messenger and he declared that marriage invalid. (Al-Bukhari)

The faith of Islam declares that ladies are worthy human beings deserving of respect, and the best to be free from oppression. Women have the best to an honest life, with out going through aggression or abuse of any type. They have the best to pursue a life that’s pleasing to them inside Islamic boundaries. Nobody has the best to power ladies to be much less then they need to be. The true teachings of Islam, declare that ladies ought to be held ready of excessive regard.

Sadly, it’s true that some Muslim ladies are oppressed, however throughout the globe, some ladies are handled badly by some males, of all spiritual persuasions and ethnicities. It is feasible to say that such and such a authorities oppresses ladies, or that Muslim males in such and such a rustic assume it’s acceptable to beat ladies, nonetheless, it isn’t right to say that Islam oppresses ladies.

If ladies got their God given rights, as set out within the faith of Islam, the worldwide oppression of girls could possibly be trampled into oblivion.

Prophet Muhammad stated: “None but a noble man treats women in an honourable manner. And none but an ignoble treats women disgracefully.” (At-Tirmidhi)


Source: islamreligion.com


Aisha Stacey is an Australian revert to Islam. She presently spends her time between Australia and Qatar. Aisha works as a author on the Fanar Cultural Islamic Centre in Doha, Qatar whereas finding out for an Arts/Psychology diploma.


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