Who is Ad Dayooth? – Could you be a Dayooth? Shameless Man


Guys! Guys! Guys! Hey what are doing on social media?? How are you able to do such issues, actually i ponder? Where is your Gaeraah? Where is your Haya? Okay let me remind all of you about Ad Dayooth.

Do you already know about Ad-Dayooth, who’s Ad-Dayooth?

Rasool Allah (Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) mentioned, Ad-Dayooth won’t enter jannah. He is a person who doesn’t have protecting jealousy over his mehram ladies like mom, sister, spouse, daughter and many others. He doesn’t even thoughts his mehram ladies are in correct hijab or not, he doesn’t thoughts if they’ve boyfriends and many others, he doesn’t thoughts to point out them in public with out their hijab, he doesn’t thoughts to point out his mehram ladies to social media like fb, twitter, instagram and many others. He doesn’t even thoughts if they’re going to haram events and features the place there are combine gatherings. Rather he likes it if his mehram ladies costume like bare and stroll with him. He himself add their vulgar pics in to social medias like fb, instagram, whtsapp and many others.
I request all of you to don’t be like Ad-Dayooth and have a protecting jealousy over your ladies folks.

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Could you be a Dayooth ?
What is a ad-dayooth?

A dayooth in english means “cukold”. It easy base phrases, it is a phrase used to explain a person who needs to look at whereas his spouse has intercourse with one other man. Now, you’re studying this and pondering…
‘- what is this guy writing about now? Who here does that?

But Islam explains ‘ad-dayooth” or the cukold man on different levels. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said : Ad-dayooth – la’ yad khullul janna
The Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned: The ad-dayooth won’t enter Jannah, so the place will they go? In Hell.

SO, who’re the ad-dayooth?
Ad-dayooth is a person who:

✦Allows his spouse/sister/daughter to exit of the home not lined correctly.

Meaning simply because she is sporting a head scarf doesn’t imply she is in “hijab”. If the pores and skin of her toes are displaying, or she’s sporting a half sleeve t-shirt or you possibly can see the form of something, or you possibly can inform her bra dimension, then SHE IS NOT WEARING HIJAB. Because khemar = tudung, and hijab is 14 situations.
So, sporting a tudung with tight garments means you aren’t IN HIJAB.

✦She can’t present the pores and skin of her toes.

Wearing a head scarf with skinny denims/leggings and a good t-shirt shouldn’t be hijab. The man that enables it is a DAYOOTH. This might be your sister, your spouse or your daughter. Are you not jealous that males take a look at these ladies up and down stripping them with their eyes. You are permitting to those males to have intercourse with them not directly by permitting these ladies -whom YOU are liable for to do no matter they need. If you suppose that is “extreme” then you definitely do’nt know the Quran. Read the tafseer of Surah Nisa earlier than commenting.

✦Men are leaders of girls. Imams.

Now, its the opposite manner round. The husband has his pants wayyy previous his ankles, the spouse is behind him all dolled up, excessive heels, pushing her butt out, sporting a corset to push her chest out .
Bro, what are you able to Not see?
I can see all the pieces.
And if you happen to suppose {that a} girl who exhibits the pores and skin of her toes is sporting hijab then -like i said-read the Quran in a language you perceive.

✦Free Mixing

Ad dayooth is a person who doesn’t have an issue along with his spouse/sister/daughter sitting round non-family males and shaking their palms and mixing.

✦The ad-dayooth is a person who follows his spouse’s orders ABOVE THE PROPHET’S () COMMANDS.

For Example: Bro, why do you shave?
Ans: my spouse doesn’t like a beard.
Bro, Allah, by way of Jibril, by way of Prophet Muhammad () COMMANDED us to do that. But, yeah, there’s at all times an excuse, that is man who lives to please his spouse OVER ALLAH.

✦RIBA: I’ll let you know probably the most purpose why males get into riba within the first place is due to their wives.

‘Honey, when will we get a better car? my brother/sister/neighbour/colleague is driving an accord/camry/alphard/ bmw? You know its haram, but she convinces you to do it because you love her, not remembering on the Day of Judgement she will run far away from you.

Be a Man. You think no-one is looking at your wife/sis/daughter when she doesn’t exit? Either you might be Captain Oblivious or your spouse seems to be like a person.

✦The modesty of our ladies light when our males misplaced their gheerah.

Never marry a person who gained’t enter Jannah!! The prophet Muhammad (sallaAllahu alaihi wa sallam) mentioned “The Dayooth will not enter Jannah.” Who is the The Ad Dayooth?

ad dayooth

  • He is the person who doesn’t have jealousy on his Maharam (his mom, sister, spouse …)
  • He is the person who would exhibit his spouse, her magnificence and her type in entrance of males.
  • He is the one who doesn’t shield her from the keen eyes of strangers. (Non Mahrams)
  • He is the one who accepts that his spouse exit with him sporting fragrance, placing make up and sporting engaging garments as if she is an merchandise on the market to others.
  • He is the person who’s happy by the admiring glances from stranger males towards his spouse/sisters He is happy by sharing her with them!!
  • He would let his sister/his daughter exit with tight garments, with out her Hijab.
  • He is the person who is aware of that his sister/his daughter has a boyfriend however he doesn’t care.
  • He by no means has Jealousy on her and would let her present her allure to anybody!!

So expensive sister, by no means marry a Dayooth!

Abdullaah ibn ‘Umar (radiallaahu anhu) reported that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhe wasallaam) mentioned: “Three people will not enter paradise, and Allaah will not look to them on the Day of Judgement: the one who is disobedient to his parents, the woman who imitates men and the ad-Dayooth.” (Ahmad)

Ad-Dayooth is the person who permits ladies for whom he’s accountable (eg: mom, spouse, sister and many others.) to interact in illicit relations, or to show their magnificence to unusual males, thereby stimulating their sexual wishes.

Dear Brothers, he won’t enter Jannah who will exhibit her spouse, her mehram ladies in public.

Do not be Ad-Dayooth expensive brothers as a result of Ad-dayooth won’t enter Jannah. Have some protecting jealousy over your ladies folks. What occur to your Gairaah? He shouldn’t be coming into Jannah who permit her spouse to exit with out her correct #Hijaab. He shouldn’t be coming into Jannah who permit her spouse to submit their pics on social medias for exhibition. Protect your self brothers.



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