Laughing, Talking, Joking with Non-Mehrams just isn’t a Hijab;

Some sisters assume that since they’re correctly coated, its okay for them to sit down round and discuss, snigger, joke, and many others. with the lads, however that’s not proper, even when he’s ‘the Shaikh’.
(This just isn’t Hijab)

ALLAAH Subhana Wa Taala Says :

“. . . then be not soft in speech, lest he in whose heart is a disease should be moved with desire, but speak in an honorable manner.”
[Quran : al-Ahzaab – 32]

So discuss to them when there’s a particular want, and in a way that isn’t essentially impolite, but it’s well mannered however agency.

Staring on the brothers or ‘checking them out’ is NOT Hijab;

ALLAH Subhana Wa Taala orders us to “lower your gaze” within the above verse.
Because a single ‘look’ can say greater than a thousand phrases.
So, even in case you are correctly coated, preserve these eyes down, conduct your self with ‘Hayaa’, and keep away from ‘fitnah’.

‘Chatting’ on the Internet/cellphone with Non-Mahrams just isn’t a part of Hijab;

It is haraam for a person or lady to hear to every others phrases with enjoyment, for concern of fitnah (temptation)

There isn’t any such factor as “we’re just friends”.
Talking to non-Mahrams is incorrect even whether it is by means of the web or phone. There are too many tales of unlawful relationships, fornications, damaged houses, extra-marital affairs and runaway brides to even point out. That is why in Islam something that results in haraam can also be haraam.

ALLAAH Subhana Wa Taala says:

“Do not (even) come close to fornication, for it is an indecency, and its way is evil.”
(AL-Quran : Surah Israa -32)

Hijab just isn’t solely about garments, Hijab contains ethical conduct, conduct, perspective and intentions of particular person. Hijab additionally means decreasing the gaze to keep away from the sins of the attention and the center. Modesty is decreasing your gaze.

A lady’s magnificence just isn’t in her options, the shade of her pores and skin, or her possessions. True magnificence is in her coronary heart, in her imaan, her Taqwa & love for her Deen which is proven by means of her Hijab & her righteous actions.

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[“One who guides to something good has a reward similar to that of its doer” – Saheeh Muslim vol.3, no.4665]


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