The story of Bilqis the Queen of Saba (Sheba)


Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam had an enormous military that consisted of males, jinns in addition to birds and animals in his troop. He use to comply with strict self-discipline amongst them and He would assess the military repeatedly whereas at work.

One day whereas they have been on some mission, Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam was inspecting his troops and located that the chook Hud-Hud was lacking from the military/meeting.

This incident is talked about within the Quran as:
And He(Prophet Sualiaman alaihissalam) reviewed the birds, then mentioned: How is it I see not the hoopoe(Hud-Hud) or is it that he’s of the absentees? I’ll most definitely punish him with extreme punishment or kill him, or he shall convey to me a transparent plea. (Quran 27:20-21).

After some time, the chook Hud-HUd got here again to the military of Solaiman alaihissalam and mentioned “I comprehend that which you do not comprehend and I have brought to you a sure information from (Saba)Sheba.” (Quran27:22)

The Hud-HUd additional knowledgeable Sulaiman alaihissalam that an clever and highly effective girl named Bilkis guidelines the dominion. The Hud-HUd additionally mentioned that She has the whole lot in abundance together with the throne and that the folks of Saba(Sheba) worshipped the solar as a substitute of ALLAH SWT.

Surely I discovered a lady ruling over them, and she or he has been given the abundance and she or he has a mighty throne (Quran 27:23)

I discovered her and her folks adoring the solar as a substitute of Allah, and the Shaitan has made their deeds fair-seeming to them and thus turned them from the best way, so they don’t go aright (Quran 27:24)

Prophet Solaiman alaihissalam listened to what Hud-Hud mentioned and determined to jot down a letter to the queen of Saba to verify if the Hud-Hud is appropriate and welcoming them to the oneness of ALLAH SWT He mentioned: We will see whether or not you have got instructed the reality or whether or not you might be of the liars (Quran 27:27)

Solaiman alaihissalam gave directions to Hud-Hud to drop the letter and conceal to observe her response.

Take this letter and hand it over to them, then flip away from them and see what (reply) they return(Quran 27:28)

The obedient Hud-Hud adopted His directions and flew again to offer the letter to the Queen of Saba (Sheba).

She opened the letter and began studying it: Verily! It is from Solomon, and verily! It reads: ‘In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, and Most Merciful; be you not exalted towards me however come to me as Muslims (true believers who submit with full submission) (Quran 27:30-31).

She obtained disturbed and confused and summoned all her ministers and advisors asking strategies from them. She mentioned
O chiefs! Give me recommendation respecting my affair: I by no means determine an affair till you might be in my presence (27:32).

To this, her ministers replied that you’re essentially the most highly effective amongst us and we’ll all the time be obedient to you and settle for no matter you determine.

They mentioned: We are possessors of energy and possessors of mighty prowess, and the command is yours, subsequently see what you’ll command (Quran 27:33)

Bilqis, the Queen of Saba being an clever girl determined to ship invaluable presents from her most valuable treasure to Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam pondering this might any battle and rage.

She mentioned: “Surely the kings, when they enter a town, ruin it and make the noblest of its people to below, and thus they (always) do”(Quran 27:34)

“And surely I am going to send a present to them and shall wait to see what (answer) do the messengers bring back” (Quran 27:35)

Slaiman alaihissalam, upon receiving her items rejected them instantly and mentioned these items are nothing in entrance of all of the items that ALLAH SWT has bestowed him with.
“So when he came to Sulaiman, he said: What! Will you help me with wealth? But what Allah has given me is better than what He has given you. Nay, you are exultant because of your present” (Quran 27:36)

Sulaiman alaihissalam despatched the courtiers again with the items and a message for the Queen Bilqis to undergo ALLAH SWT or He would come along with his military and destroy the Saba.

The queen’s courtiers went again to her with the present and conveyed the message of Sulaiman alaihissalam. She then determined to go to the palace of Sulaiman alaihissalam.

Sulaiman alaihissalam when heard about her arrival requested who amongst his military may convey him the throne of the queen earlier than she reaches. All the jinns began competing with one another every saying he would convey the throne earlier than Sulaiman alaihissalam leaves his seat. Sulaiman alaihissalam was ready for a sooner means, then all of a sudden a person who had the data of the guide mentioned he may convey it and it was there in a blink of a watch.

Sulaiman alaihissalam thanked and praised ALLAH SWT when the throne was positioned earlier than Him.

When Queen Bilqis arrived on the palace of Sulaiman alaihissalam, She was requested if this was her throne, and she or he replied that it appears just like her throne.

Then Sulaiman alaihissalam requested the queen to enter the palace corridor, the ground of which was a shimmering glass made. She pulled up her costume pondering it was water. Sulaiman alaihissalam then knowledgeable her that the ground is made up of glass.
Queen Bilqis then accepted the oneness of ALLAH SWT.

She mentioned: “My Lord! Verily, I have wronged myself, and I submit (in Islam), together with Solomon, to Allah, the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinns, and all that exists” (Quran 27:20-44)


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