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Marriage in Islam is regarded at first as a righteous act, an act of accountable devotion.

Muslim students have interpreted the Qur’an to imply that marriage is a non secular responsibility, an ethical safeguard, and social dedication. As a non secular responsibility, it should be fulfilled; however like all different duties in Islam, it’s enjoined solely upon those that are able to assembly the obligations concerned.

Whatever meanings individuals assign to marriage, Islam views it as a powerful bond (mithaq ghaleez), a difficult dedication within the fullest sense of the phrase. It is a dedication to life itself, to society, and to the dignified, significant survival of the human race. It is a dedication that married companions make to at least one one other in addition to to God.

It is the sort of dedication by which they discover mutual achievement and self-realization, love and peace, compassion and serenity, consolation and hope. All it is because marriage in Islam is regarded at first as a righteous act, an act of accountable devotion. Sexual management could also be an ethical triumph, copy, a social necessity or service, a sound well being and a gratifying mind-set.

Yet, these values and functions of marriage would tackle a particular that means and be strengthened if they’re intertwined with the concept of God, conceived additionally as spiritual commitments, and internalized as divine blessings. And this appears to be the point of interest of marriage in Islam. To paraphrase some Qur’anic verses, the decision is addressed to mankind:

O mankind! Be dutiful to God, Who created them from a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the 2 of them scattered overseas many women and men. (An-Nisaa’ 4:1)

It was God Who created mankind out of 1 dwelling soul, and created of that soul a partner in order that he may discover consolation and relaxation in her. (Al-A`raf 7:189)

And it’s a signal of God that He has created for males, of themselves, mates to hunt of their firm peace and tranquility, and has set between them mutual love and mercy. Surely, in which can be indicators for many who ponder. (Ar-Rum 30:21)

strong bond

Even on the most making an attempt occasions of married life, and within the midst of authorized disputes and litigation, the Qur’an reminds the events of God’ s regulation.


Even on the most making an attempt occasions of married life, and within the midst of authorized disputes and litigation, the Qur’an reminds the events of God’ s regulation; it instructions them to be sort to at least one one other, actually charitable towards each other, and above all dutiful to God.

It is noteworthy that the Islamic provisions of marriage apply to women and men equally. For instance, if celibacy shouldn’t be really useful for males, it’s equally so for girls. This is in recognition of the truth that ladies’ s wants are equally legit and are severely considered.

In truth, Islam regards marriage to be the conventional, pure course for girls simply as it’s for males. It could even be extra so for girls as a result of it assures them, amongst different issues, of relative financial safety.

This vital extra benefit for girls doesn’t, nevertheless, characterize marriage as a purely financial transaction. In truth, the least focal facet of marriage in Islam is the financial issue, regardless of how highly effective this can be. The Prophet is reported to have stated that

“A woman is ordinarily sought as wife for her wealth, for her beauty, for the nobility of her stock, or for her religious qualities; but blessed and fortunate is he who chooses his mate for piety in preference to everything else.” (Muslim)

The Qur’an instructions marriage to the spouseless and the pious regardless that they could be poor and slaves:

And marry these amongst you who’re single and people who are match amongst your male slaves and your feminine slaves; if they’re needy, Allah will make them free from need out of His grace; and Allah is Ample-giving, All-Knowing. (An-Nur 24:32)

On the opposite hand, no matter dowry (marriage items) a person offers his potential spouse belongs to her; and no matter she could have acquired previous to or after marriage is hers alone. There isn’t any vital group of property of husbands and wives.

Furthermore, it’s the husband who’s answerable for the upkeep and financial safety of the household. He should even present the spouse with the sort of assist and repair to which she was used earlier than marriage, and, in keeping with some students, she is underneath no authorized obligation to do the routine house responsibilities, though she could accomplish that, and often does, for some cause or different, e.g. cooperation, financial system, and many others.


The article is excerpted from Dr. Hammudah’s well-known guide “Islam in Focus”.

Dr. Hammudah Abd Al-Ati graduated from Al-Azhar University of Egypt. He acquired an MA in Islamic research from McGill University and a PhD in Sociology from Princeton University. He was appointed in 1960 the primary full-time director of the Canadian Islamic Center of Edmonton, Aberta. From 1967 until he handed away in 1976. Dr. Abdalati was affiliate professor of sociology at Utica College of Syracuse University. He was well-known to the Muslim communities of North America in addition to different intercultural teams and audiences. For years he lectured on Islam, attended Islamic conventions, wrote articles in Arabic and English, and responded to inquiries. Of his vital books in English are: “Islam in Focus” and “Family structure in Islam”.


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