The Distorted Image of Muslim Women


By Sister Naasira bint Ellison

Since the peak of the feminist motion within the late 70`s there was a magnifying glass positioned over the standing of Muslim ladies.

Unfortunately, the magnifying glass that has been used is an uncommon one. Unusual within the sense that it is extremely selective about which objects it can enlarge; different objects it can distort to such a level that they’ll not look acquainted.

Islam has essentially the most humane and most simply system of divorce that exists.

I bear in mind as soon as studying an “in depth” article in regards to the lives of Muslim ladies. This article “explained” that at any time a person can divorce his spouse by merely stating “I divorce you, I divorce you, I divorce you”.

This article can lead anybody unaware of the Islamic ruling concerning divorce to consider that in lower than 5 seconds the lady is left with no husband and is left to take care of herself (and presumably youngsters) by any means essential.

The query that instantly popped up in my thoughts was, “Did the author innocently write that out of sincere ignorance or was it another of the many attempts to degrade the religion of Islam and its followers (Muslims)?” It could also be out of paranoia, however I are inclined to consider it was the latter of the 2.

The Islamic System of Divorce

The reality of the matter is that Islam has essentially the most humane and most simply system of divorce that exists. Firstly, many choices are taken and tried earlier than coming to the choice of divorce. If the person and girl determine that they’ll not stay collectively efficiently as a husband and spouse, the husband (most often, not all the time) pronounces the divorce by saying “I divorce you”. At this level the ready interval begins.

The Purposes of the Waiting Period

The ready interval lasts for 3 menstrual cycles to guarantee the lady isn’t pregnant. This interval permits the couple time to consider what they’re doing and if that is what they actually wish to do. There are not any legal professionals concerned to antagonize an already delicate scenario.

In the case that it’s realized, that the lady is pregnant, the ready interval lasts all the time she is pregnant. During the ready interval (whether or not the lady is pregnant or not) the person is obligated to supply meals, clothes and shelter to the lady as he did earlier than the divorce pronouncement.

If the couple carries the divorce by means of to the beginning of the kid and the lady suckles the infant, the person is obligated to feed and dress each his ex-wife for the time the lady suckles (the utmost being two years). After his weaning, the kid might be supplied for by the daddy till he/she is not in want of help.

It is kind of ironic that in such an “advanced society” as America, there are divorce circumstances wherein ladies are being compelled to pay alimony to their ex-husbands. Can this and plenty of different issues we all know in regards to the American system of divorce evaluate to the Islamic system of divorce?

Are Women Forced to Marry Men with out Their Consent?

I’ve additionally learn tales whereby it’s acknowledged that ladies are compelled to marry males with out their consent. This under no circumstances resembles the wedding system in Islam. In Islam the lady marries the person of her selection. She might even marry somebody that her mom and/or father objects to. The level is that it’s the girl who makes the ultimate resolution as to whom she’s going to marry.


Once the person and the lady determine that they’re concerned with each other for marriage, a dowry is determined upon. A dowry isn’t a bride’s worth however it’s a present from the groom to the bride.

They agree upon a present that’s reasonably priced by the groom. In the time of the Prophet (PBUH) , usually issues equivalent to livestock and cash got. This is a smart resolution within the occasion {that a} girl turns into divorced or widowed, she has some monetary safety to fall again on even whether it is for a restricted period of time.

The Wife’s Basic Rights

Once the person and girl are married, the person is required to dress, feed, shelter and educate her (or permit her to be educated) in the identical method as he does himself.

Muslim Women’s Dress Code

The final distorted picture that I’ll cowl is that of the Muslim ladies`s gown. The western-influenced media portrays our gown to be outdated and oppressive. Needless to say, I differ with these adjectives. Our gown code doesn’t hinder us from doing something productive in our lives.

Muslim ladies keep a wide range of jobs, none of that are devalued nor hampered as a consequence of their gown code. And as for the timing of Muslim ladies`s gown throughout these up to date occasions, it appears most applicable as a consequence of reducing morals on the planet right now.

For those that say that Islamic gown is outdated, they communicate from nice ignorance. The reducing morality and trials of this time makes Hijab much more in want. More than ever earlier than intercourse crimes are rampant.

Although this society tells ladies they’ll put on what they wish to put on, anytime a rape happens the lady is the one placed on trial and one of many first questions is, “What were you wearing?” This idea appears as if it’s a arrange directed towards the so-called up to date girl. Also there’s a direct correlation between the respect a person has for a lady and the quantity of her physique she shows flauntingly.

In conclusion, I hope this text helps to clear up some distorted/misunderstood elements of Islam and girls. Women in Islam are revered and held in excessive regard. We won’t ever discover success and/or options to our issues till we notice that Allah is aware of greatest and that this disbelieving society will wreck itself.


Taken from Hudaa journal, Jamaica, New York (as cited in


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