The Abortion Debate: A Muslim Social Media Roundup


With the abortion debate as soon as once more sweeping headlines throughout America – and the Internet – the Muslim neighborhood, each on-line and offline, has additionally discovered itself mired in confusion. What does Islam really say about abortion? Can Muslims be “pro-choice” in the case of the regulation of the land? The Muslim Internet has many opinions to share, with all kinds of views.

We shall be sharing a few of these views under, in addition to offering hyperlinks to some scholarly assets on the subject.

 – A Muslim Doctor Weighs In

Banning abortion doesn’t stop it–simply makes it harmful.

The BEST method to stop abortion? Prevent undesirable being pregnant! But they’re not tripping over themselves to fund contraception–or SNAP, or WIC…

That’s as a result of it was by no means about “life.” It was all the time about *management*

— Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (@AbdulElSayed) May 4, 2022

I really like how Justice Roberts believes that the *leak of* the opinion was a “singular and egregious breach of that trust,” however not the opinion itself from 3 justices who every testified earlier than the Senate, beneath oath, that they wouldn’t overturn Roe.

— Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (@AbdulElSayed) May 3, 2022

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Women will die due to this. And this dude’s serving buttered biscuits.

— Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (@AbdulElSayed) May 3, 2022

To recognize the depths of the hypocrisy right here, do not forget that the folks celebrating the tip of Roe—attempting to power girls to hold pregnancies to time period, usually in opposition to medical recommendation—have been screaming “my body, my choice” in regards to the inconvenience of sporting masks in a pandemic.

— Dr. Abdul El-Sayed (@AbdulElSayed) May 3, 2022

 – A Cautionary Take

Discussion on coverage apart, we must be fastidious in making prescriptive statements like “Islam says xyz”. No madhab permits on-demand abortion, after specific time level is a grave sin barring particular allowances, and even most lenient place has a number of circumstances.

— Heraa H. (@caveheraa) February 9, 2022

It’s one other disservice to invoke authority when in any other case one is against scholarly authority – not on sure opinions bc of proof or usūl, however to align with fashionable slogans about sexual freedoms.

— Heraa H. (@caveheraa) May 4, 2022

theyre lastly getting it

— chewhaqqa (@chewhaqqa) May 5, 2022

 – A Call to Nuanced Reflection

We can’t be so terrified of nuance that we wrongly attribute motivations like lenience, pandering, opportunism to a easy presentation of reality. Islam isn’t pro-life or pro-choice, and desirous about the subject in these phrases reveals we’re nonetheless enjoying another person’s sport.

— tareq (@ibnabitareq) May 4, 2022

If you wish to advocate for a aspect since you assume it’s the very best political technique for Muslims, do your factor, however you’re within the realm of politics now, not faith. From the non secular aspect, each are problematic & neither characterize Islam. That’s not “lenience” or “pandering.”

— tareq (@ibnabitareq) May 4, 2022

 – Islamophobic Tropes in Abortion Discourse

One of the important thing arguments included within the leaked opinion to overturn #Roe and Casey is that criminalizing abortion is a part of American historical past, predating to the colonial interval. Americans need to grapple with their very own violent historical past, fairly than utilizing Islamophobic comparisons.

— Muslims for Just Futures (@MuslimsForJF) May 4, 2022

Not so pleasant reminder to maintain shari’ah out of your mouths proper now. This ain’t obtained nothing to do with Islam or Muslims. This all good previous patriotic white American evangelical fascism. Grown proper right here. Like Dennis Edwards stated, don’t look any additional.

— Dr. Donna Auston (@TinyMuslimah) May 4, 2022

Using Islam within the abortion debate (from both aspect!) is grossly reductive and Islamophobic. The sentiment has been both “omg this is sharia law” or “even Islam allows abortion.” Two sides of the coin. Both problematic.

Leave Islam & Muslims alone. This one is on you.

— Rowaida Abdelaziz (@Rowaida_Abdel) May 5, 2022

It’s simple to get swept away in emotion. But no actual must get Islamophobic whereas reacting to discrimination in opposition to girls.

— Ahmed Eldin | أحمد شهاب الدين (@ASE) May 3, 2022

2019: Gets paid $50k to talk on the largest Islamic convention in America.

2022: Still making sharia jokes.

— Imraan Siddiqi (@imraansiddiqi) May 4, 2022

 – Scholarly Perspectives

2/ Our faith (and therefore our morality) calls for the next stage of educational integrity than simply going with the movement. I counsel anybody who needs to remark from an Islamic perspective to first do a little analysis earlier than talking on behalf of the religion on such a delicate subject.

— Dr. Yasir Qadhi (@YasirQadhi) May 4, 2022

4/ It is the medical and psychological well-being of the mom that’s taken into consideration for such a choice, not one’s funds or inconvenience.
After the soul is blown in (at 4 months), there’s close to unanimous consensus on prohibition, except a mom’s life is in clear hazard.

— Dr. Yasir Qadhi (@YasirQadhi) May 4, 2022

5/ Many fashionable Muslims leap on both the ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ bandwagon; I ask them to learn & analysis earlier than reaching an informed opinion. We have our personal sources to show morality!
Listen to this longer interview I did with Sh. Dr. Hatem el-Haj:

— Dr. Yasir Qadhi (@YasirQadhi) May 4, 2022

Maybe the reply to “Pregnancy isn’t affordable” isn’t “abort fetuses” however really decreasing healthcare prices and accommodating dad and mom within the workforce?
Abortion appears to be one other symptom of vapid capitalistic tradition.

— Joe (@joebradford) May 3, 2022

 Islamic Resources About Abortion:


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