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Islam’s Anti-racist Message from the seventh Century Still Resonates Today

One day, in Mecca, the Prophet Muhammad (God bless him and grant him peace) dropped a bombshell on his followers: He instructed them that...

The Wicked Slander in opposition to the Mother of the Believers

By Editorial Staff Today’s story is about one explicit incident of ‘A’ishah’s life. It was truly a really extreme trial for her and for our...

How Mohamed Salah impressed me to grow to be a Muslim

Ben Bird I've gone from hating Islam to changing into a Muslim – and the Liverpool ahead is the principal purpose for that Mohamed Salah was...

What Islam presents the Earth

One of the superb issues that strike the reader of the Qur’an is its important and multifaceted emphasis on the connection of man to...

Moderation within the Light of the Sunnah

Moderation has been and nonetheless a Prophetic and Islamic lifestyle, worship and perception. By Editorial Staff In a earlier article, we talked in regards to the...