Story of Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam


Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam was the descendent of Prophet Haroon alaihissalam. He was despatched to information the kids of Israel to the reality and invite them in the direction of Tawheed. Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam is first talked about as a prophet in surah Al-Anam – And Zechariah and John and Jesus and Elias – and all had been of the righteous (Al-Anam:85). He is talked about in lots of different Quranic ayahs as effectively. His full title is Ilyas ibn Yasin in keeping with Islamic sources, as He is talked about in surah As-Saffat “Salamun Al’aa il Yaseen: Peace be upon Ilyas” (As-Saffat 37:130). The Prophethood of Ilyas alaihissalam started after the dying of Prophet Sulaiman alaihissalam. After Sulaeman alaihissalam handed away, his kingdom was divided into two teams as Israel and Yahuda.

Ahab was the brand new king of Israel. He was one of the depraved rulers of Israel. He and his evil spouse Jezebel started to construct temples with idols and began worshipping an idol named Ba’al, which is claimed to be 13,6 meters tall with 4 faces.

The entire kingdom fell into the lure of shaytan and was misguided. They all adopted shirk, began worshipping idols, and did evil deeds besides a number of. Those who refused to disobey the prophet and ALLAH SWT had been severely tortured and punished to dying.

Prophet Ilyas alaihissalam tried his finest to name them to reality, forbade them from doing Shirk (worshipping idols), and warned them from the torments of ALLAH SWT. He tried exhausting to allow them to perceive that their idols are helpless and powerless however disbelievers paid no heed to his teachings.

ALLAH SWT mentions in Quran: Verily Ilyas was one of many apostles. When he mentioned to his individuals: “Will you not fear God? Will ye call upon Ba’al and leave the Best of Creators, God, your Lord and Cherisher and the Lord and Cherisher of your fathers of old?” (As-Saffat 123-126 )

Ilyas alaihissalam ask ALLAH SWT for assist and prayed to punish the ignorants and ALLAH SWT answered his supplications. The entire kingdom of Ahab got here beneath draught that continued for 3 lengthy years. People had been dying of famine and had been repeatedly praying to Ba’al for assist. When nothing helped and folks discovered themselves inflicted and dying attributable to hunger, they regretted their previous deeds and requested Prophet Ilyas to wish ALLAH SWT for rain and finish the draught.

Ilyas alaihissalam prayed, ALLAH SWT accepted his prayers and it rained, individuals had been relieved from never-ending draught and accepted the invitation of Ilyas alaihissalam.

However, individuals forgot every part and continued with their disbelief and idol worshipping.

When Ilyas alaihissalam witnessed their ignorance, it’s mentioned that He requested ALLAH SWT for his dying and ALLAH ascended him to skies on a chariot of fireplace. And ALLAH is aware of finest.


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