Story Of Prophet Hizqeel Alaihissalam


It is acknowledged by Mohammad ibn Ishaaq that Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam succeeded the Israelis as a prophet after Prophet yusha Alaihissalam. Though Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam shouldn’t be talked about within the Quran by his title, nevertheless, ALLAH SWT talked about him within the Holy Quran in surah Al-Baqarah.

The literal which means of Hizqeel is Might of ALLAH SWT.

As everyone knows from the story of Prophet Musa alaihissalam concerning the stubbornness of the Bani Israel and the struggles of Prophet Musa alaihissalam and different Prophets in guiding them to the precise path. Despite witnessing many indicators of ALLAH SWT, they have been disbelievers. Due to their perseverance of not believing in ALLAH SWT, they have been punished with plague and have been dying in big numbers. Ibn Abbas states that the place was known as “Damardan”.

Fearing loss of life, the individuals of Israel fled in the direction of mountains far-off from the metropolis and settled on a plateau. Their ignorance didn’t allow them to understand that nobody can escape ALLAH SWT’s punishment they usually thought they’d survive. Some of them remained within the metropolis they usually all died because of the plague.

ALLAH SWT commanded to all those that fled from Palestine for the concern of loss of life “die you all” and all of them perished directly. It is claimed that they have been useless for nearly 800 years.

ALLAH SWT mentions within the Quran:
“Did you (O Muhammad) not think of those who went forth from their homes in thousands, fearing death? Allah said to them, ‘Die.’ And then He restored them to life. Truly, Allah is full of Bounty to mankind, but most men think not.” (Al-Baqarah:243).

After just a few centuries, Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam handed by the useless our bodies which became boned scattered in all places. He stood there questioning after which heard a voice. ALLAH SWT requested him “do you want to witness how I can bring them back the dead ones to life?” Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam stated sure!

Then ALLAH SWT commanded him to say “Call: ‘O you bones, Allah commands you to put on flesh and blood and the clothes in which you died.’”

And a voice stated: “Allah commands you to call the bodies to rise.” And they instantly rose. When they returned to life they stated: “Blessed are You, O Lord, and all praises are Yours.”

This incident reveals how all of us will likely be returned to life after loss of life on the day of judgment. The individuals who returned to life thanked ALLAH SWT and accepted the true faith Islam, nevertheless, they later deviated from the true path as they’ve at all times been doing and began worshiping idols once more.

It shouldn’t be talked about for the way lengthy Prophet Hizqeel alaihissalam lived earlier than ALLAH SWT took him away.

Umar Ibn Al-Khattab stories that Prophet Muhammad SAW stated: “If it (plague) be in a country where you are staying, do not go out fleeing it, and if you hear it is in a country, do not enter it.”.


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