Ramadan And A Plan For Our Earth


This 12 months a very good portion of the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is throughout Earth month. While loads is occurring worldwide and these world occasions influence each particular person, one wants to make use of Ramadan to seek out peace with themselves, God, and their surroundings. Regardless of what occurs, we can’t overlook the persevering with wrestle we’ve on connecting to God on a deeper degree and the battle of preserving the surroundings that’s falling aside earlier than our eyes. Earth month is a secular option to remind the individuals of the surroundings and its wants. In Islam, these are acts of worship, and we use Ramadan to reinforce these acts of worship. 

Food Wastage

A big drawback within the west and mockingly exacerbated throughout Ramadan is meals wastage. Our eyes turn out to be larger than our stomachs. The sunnah may be very totally different; it asks us for much less, no more. 

Miqdam bin Ma’dikarib stated:

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“I heard the Messenger of Allah saying: ‘The human does not fill any container that is worse than his stomach. It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat what will support his back. If this is not possible, then a third for food, a third for drink, and third for his breath.”

We eat until we will’t transfer; this impacts our Taraweeh prayers and standing earlier than Allah . Ramadan is the other of this, and it’s a time to be humble, not extravagant. Allah Says within the Holy Quran Chapter 7 Surah Aaraaf verse 31:

O youngsters of Adam! Attend to your elaborations at each time of prayer, eat and drink and be not extravagant; absolutely He doesn’t love the extravagant.

We don’t need to create greater than what we may devour; then the leftover is in danger to be thrown out. Shaykh Ibn Baaz (might Allah have mercy on him) stated:

  • It will not be permissible to throw them within the dumpster regarding bread, meat, and other forms of meals. Instead, they need to be given to those that want them, or they need to be put in a visual place the place they won’t be mistreated, within the hope that somebody who wants them for his animals will take them, or some animals or birds will eat them.
  • Be extra vigilant in what you might be cooking and the way a lot of it.
  • Always have a plan to cope with the leftovers.

Plastic Pollution

Another drawback on a worldwide scale and one we see throughout Ramadan that’s elevated is the plastic air pollution disaster. Our planet is saturated with plastics, and we governments and firms are brainstorming methods to curb the dangerous improve of plastic pollution. Since gatherings have been restricted as a result of Covid virus’s unfold, we’ve seen fewer iftars with damaging plastic use ranges. With the vaccine spreading, it’s a matter of time when Masajids and centres begin internet hosting iftars once more. Not gathering as a lot these previous two years permits us to develop a plastic different plan thoughtfully. Decomposable tableware is changing into a rising development, and a behavior so simple as carrying your utensils could make a distinction. 

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Messenger of Allah (might peace and blessings be upon him) stated:

Faith has over seventy branches or over sixty branches, essentially the most wonderful of which is the declaration that there isn’t any god however Allah, and the humblest of which is the elimination of what’s dangerous from the trail: and modesty is the department of religion.

Simply eradicating the plastics from the environment prevents dangerous hurt from different peoples and residing organisms path. 

Finally, selling environmental consciousness is an act that may profit all of us throughout Ramadan and reminds us of our non secular responsibility as custodians of this planet. the Earth is a creation of Allah. Like any creation, it has its rights. It then turns into an obligation for us as Muslims to make sure that these rights will not be violated. This makes us successors of this world and the protectors (خليفة) of its rights. خليفة: a wonderful phrase with many meanings: Deputy, Guardian, Friend of Earth – but it surely all comes right down to the aim of Stewardship.

“And it is He (God) who has made you successors (khala’ifa) upon the Earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.” [Surah Al-An’am:165]

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger stated,

“When Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened.” 

Ramadan is essentially the most lovely month, a month of worship, good deeds, household, and group. The gates of Paradise are opened; make the most of it.

May Allah enable us to enhance ourselves for His sake, to see Ramadan, and go away it Ramadan with His pleasure upon us.


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