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Prophet Aramaya (Jeremiah) alaihissalam is considered a Prophet in Islam and Hebrew Bible nevertheless He just isn’t talked about within the Quran by identify. Although, He is described by Muslim students in varied Islamic literature. Prophet Aramaya was additionally despatched for the steering of Bani Israel and tried his finest to information them to show to ALLAH SWT like earlier Prophets.

After the demise of Sulaiman Alaihissalam, the state of affairs of Bani Israel worsened. 300 years handed after the demise of Prophet Sulaiman Aaihisslam, Israelites continued killing the Prophets that had been despatched for his or her steering. They stored forgetting the message of Islam and indulged in Idol worship particularly the Idol Ba’al.

Ba’al was thought-about as the daddy of all of the Idols and Bani Israel worshipped Ba’al and lots of different Idols as properly and thought of Ba’al because the Lord of earth, rain, and heaven.

ALLAH SWT despatched Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam to information them in direction of the true faith and cease the Idol worship. Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam was despatched because the final warning to Bani Israel and He tried His finest to remind them concerning the oneness of ALLAH SWT and the true faith Islam. However, Bani Israel once more refused him as they did earlier with different Prophets and imprisoned the Prophet.

As a punishment for his or her misdeed, ALLAH SWT despatched Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon who attacked and destroyed the individuals of Israel. One-third of the inhabitants of Israel was killed and king Nabuchadnezz dominated Israel. Their homes and temples had been demolished. They had been merciless to the children and girls nevertheless they didn’t hurt the previous and disabled individuals.

When the king of Babylon acquired to know concerning the imprisonment of Prophet Aramaya alaihissalam, He ordered his individuals to launch Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam. King was impressed by Prophet Aramaya alaihissalam and accepted his prophethood.

Prophet Aramaya Alaihissalam was let loose and continued to remind the Bani Israel to hunt forgiveness from ALLAH SWT and return to the reality and worship ALLAH SWT alone. He suggested them to unite collectively and arrange their city as soon as once more. But, they once more disobeyed and refused to take heed to Him even after witnessing so many punishments. They unfold everywhere in the world.
And ALLAH is aware of finest


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