Podcast: 786 Samosas – Balancing Home and Worship in Ramadan | Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith


It’s Ramadan, and you actually wish to be praying tarawih, however you’re attempting to get your kids in mattress. You’d somewhat be studying Qur’an, however you’re frying stuff. You’d somewhat be within the masjid, however it’s important to go to work. How will we stability this, and forestall a way of resentment for our obligations? In this episode, Shaykh Mikaeel Ahmed Smith and Zeba Khan have a dialogue on life, tradition, targets, and the frying of 786 samosas within the restricted days of Ramadan. 

“I’m a father of three young children. They’re not quite toddlers anymore, they just got out of being toddlers, the last one. When it comes to scheduling, I can’t even get them to go to sleep on time let alone have a hard-core schedule, but that’s life, that’s how it is.” 

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Let’s say I set my aim and I feel okay, I’m going to learn this a lot Qur’an, however then my son comes and says Baba, are you able to come see this? For one month am I going to be ignoring my son? We obtain stability by giving every thing its proper.

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“They say shoot for the moon and at least you’ll land on the stars, but there are times when thoughts like this can just demotivate you because you feel like you are so behind, even if there are other times when those thoughts can push you to finish one more juz.”

“I think that sense of resentment comes from a false sense of not being where we’re supposed to be. But wherever you’re at, that’s where you’re supposed to be. Whatever situation you’re in, that’s what Allah wants from you. I know we talk about reading a lot of Qur’an and making a lot of zhikr and doing lots of worship, but you know what? If we just fast our fasts, pray our prayers, and stay away from sins, is that not a successful Ramadan?” 

I really feel that typically, Ramadan turns into an excessive amount of about meals and never about being collectively and never about worship. Of course we’ve been fasting all day and we have to break our quick, however we spend a lot vitality cooking recent meals day-after-day as if we will’t eat leftovers? Like how dare we eat leftovers, Astaghfirullah! That’s not what it’s about. You’ve misplaced the that means. Yeah, there’s a degree of neighborhood and coming collectively, however we’re burdening part of the household and usually that burden goes on to 1 member of the household. I can’t justify that. I can’t justify your not with the ability to eat leftovers for this sister not with the ability to learn some further Qur’an.




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