Performing Hijrah in Your Daily Life


By Brian Wright

As a Muslim at any stage in your religious growth, you’ll nearly actually come throughout the most-cited hadith ever:

Indeed actions are [judged] by their intentions, and to each particular person [the reward for] which he intends.

Narrated via what Hadith students consult with because the “Golden Chain,” the hadith of intentions is among the most genuine hadiths round.

What many people miss, nonetheless, is the not-so-often-cited second half:

Whoever migrates with an intention for Allah and His messenger, the migration will probably be for the sake of Allah and His messenger. And who ever migrates for worldly acquire or to marry a girl, then his migration will probably be for the sake of no matter he migrated for. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Mini-hijrahs are eradicating your self from unfavourable and detrimental non-Muslim influences and surrounding your self with true submission (Islam) in as many features of life as potential.

Migration right here is the interpretation of the Arabic time period “hijrah,” usually referred to the occasions when the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace) left Makkah to determine the primary Muslim group in Yathrib, renamed Madinah or the “City of the Prophet.”

Some actions have taken this which means to coronary heart, suggesting that Muslims should bodily go away non-Muslim majority societies and transfer to majority-Muslim international locations.

However, most students imagine that leaving your society will not be a requirement so long as you aren’t in bodily hazard and are capable of comfortably observe your religion.

But the which means of hijrah goes a lot deeper than this; and there are a number of issues that you are able to do that may each enhance your religion and make you a greater Muslim. These are what I wish to name the “mini-hijrahs:” eradicating your self from unfavourable and detrimental non-Muslim influences and surrounding your self with true submission (Islam) in as many features of life as potential.

Hijrah of the Eyes

The first and most evident of those is to work in the direction of the perfection of that which you see round you. In typical discussions, this implies diverting your gaze from issues which can be forbidden. Not staring on the reverse intercourse, altering the channel when inappropriate content material comes on the tv, and avoiding studying materials that drives you away out of your religion are all components of this.

There are additionally optimistic adjustments that you could make. Clean up your private home, neighborhood, mosque, and work-space. Remember that hadith: “Cleanliness is half of faith.” (Muslim)

It doesn’t simply imply having wudu’ however can be achieved by not littering, cleansing up trash in your neighborhood, or having an organized dwelling and workplace area.

Another optimistic hijrah for the eyes is to recollect to take time to step away out of your each day grind. Take your loved ones to the park or re-connect with nature. Plant a backyard, paint, and encompass your self with the fantastic thing about God’s creation.

Hijrah of the Ears

We usually pass-off the horrible issues we hear day by day. Swearing, specific music, and simply total annoying sounds are issues we’ve got develop into accustomed to.

What we don’t notice, nonetheless, is that regardless of how a lot we strive, these sounds form our temper. Do what you possibly can to pay attention to these unfavourable sounds and attempt to keep away from them as a lot as potential.

Take a step again from that buddy who swears an excessive amount of or talks about coworkers behind their backs. Turn down the music at work and keep away from areas of city which can be identified for heavy road noise.

Surround your self with optimistic sounds. Listening to the Quran and non secular classes all through the day are a very good begin however watch out as even these sometimes stunning and helpful sounds can flip unfavourable.

Anyone who has suffered via a crushingly-loud Quranic recitation or name to prayer can relate, and even one of the best of us will be turned away from God’s phrases when they’re delivered via a nasty sound system or a lesson given by somebody not correctly skilled.

Combine this hijrah with connecting to nature and hearken to the birds or the calming sounds of the ocean. Sometimes, nonetheless, probably the most optimistic sounds you possibly can hear are nothing, isolating your self from the sensory overload of our each day lives to mirror in silence.

Hijrah of the Tongue

We’ve all let our tongues get away from us. Gossiping a couple of co-worker, spreading rumors about prolonged relations, and even simply talking your emotions when you need to have saved your mouth shut. These are issues of the tongue and, as Muslims, we’ve got a accountability and responsibility to look at what we are saying to others because it impacts each our well-being and that of others. Remember the Prophet’s phrases right here:

He who believes in Allah and the Last Day should both converse good or stay silent. (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Think earlier than you say one thing the following time you’re feeling you simply should say one thing and maintain in these emotions to talk out regardless of how trustworthy it truly is. This doesn’t imply that you need to lie, however silence is commonly higher than brutal honesty.

These days, the hijrah of the tongue might be prolonged to that of our fingers as properly, as unfavourable social media posts are simply as harmful as sturdy phrases.

On the opposite aspect of the equation, make the most of the optimistic which means of the Hadith and converse “good” to others. A superb phrase can actually go a great distance and optimistic statements, even these which can be generally laborious to make, can change lives.

Hijrah of the Mind

By combining these “mini-hijrahs,” you will see that it’s not simply your eyes, ears, and tongue that profit, but additionally your thoughts and coronary heart. Your thoughts is on the core of all these techniques, and coaching it to be in higher submission to its Lord is the primary and most vital step to being a greater Muslim.

Likewise, by being a greater member of your group, you possibly can fulfill the deeper which means of the hijrah as defined by the Prophet Muhammad with out taking one step exterior your private home.

About the writer:

Brian Wright is a PhD candidate on the Institute of Islamic Studies, McGill University. His dissertation is on the event of Islamic prison legislation in Egypt, India, and Ottoman Turkey through the nineteenth century. He has studied fiqh with plenty of conventional students in Egypt and India.

supply: aboutislam.web


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