Overcoming Guilt On Eid During Turbulent Times 


Another Eid is across the nook for Muslims to rejoice, however the Ummah is hurting. What do these of us blessed with peace and prosperity do with our emotions of guilt on Eid?

The upcoming Eid ul-Fitr is one during which Muslims in Palestine are nonetheless being terrorized by the hands of a cruel occupation, Uyghur Muslims haven’t been in a position to quick or observe Ramadan in China, Indian ladies sporting the hijab are being harassed by right-wing Hindu nationalists, violence is breaking out in Darfur once more, and local weather change has reared its ugly head with flooding that has killed a whole bunch of individuals in South Africa…and the listing goes on. There’s loads of loss and struggling on this planet, and extra significantly, our Ummah is in ache. So what do these of us who’re in relative peace, consolation, and security do about that, particularly after we take into consideration celebrating Eid when the entire world looks like it’s burning to the bottom? Well, performing gloomy or depriving your self and your loved ones from pleasure on Eid received’t repair any of it. 

As we browse our social media, or scroll by way of the Netflix documentary queue, or attend a communal du’a, we can be flooded with causes to be frightened and indignant about points giant and small. There is loads of unsuitable on this planet, plenty of injustice, and an excessive amount of struggling. The pandemic has made that clear to even essentially the most oblivious amongst us. 

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But to those that are effectively off, or a minimum of comparatively protected, listening to about this stuff would possibly provoke a sure diploma of guilt. We would possibly even be moved to assume that being blissful and having a satisfying life means being irresponsible and insensitive to the world round us. Some of us would possibly even really feel compelled to behave unhappy or outraged to be able to present that we care. 

What is “Happiness Guilt”? 

We really feel blissful, we really feel responsible, after which we really feel sadder than ever. 

We name this “happiness guilt.” It might sound unusual to our ears, however our hearts know the sensation all too effectively. Guilt is a traditional feeling, it’s a part of being human. However, to deliberately act sad when we aren’t can really lead us to really feel dissatisfied with life. By saying that we’re sad, we actually aren’t serving to to ease others’ struggling. What might help nonetheless, is striving to venture happiness, and on the identical time exhibiting care and concern in regards to the wrongs on this planet. 

If we discover ourselves projecting extra disappointment than we actually really feel, we could also be affected by a worry of happiness, or a perception that being blissful will convey us misfortune, or that happiness will result in envy from others, or that being blissful when others should not makes us a nasty individual.

Tips for Celebrating Eid Despite Turbulent Times

Being involved with the world’s issues doesn’t must battle with our need to be blissful or to radiate that happiness to others. Here are some recommendations on learn how to stability the 2.

  • 1: Examine your happiness

Are you overemphasizing the destructive features in your life and underemphasizing the constructive features? This can imply we put on a destructive filter or bias. When we put on these destructive filters, we now have a distorted view of life, and we are able to simply low cost the positives round us.

  • 2: ‘Caring’ and never ‘carrying’ different individuals’s issues

Empathy doesn’t imply caring a lot that we burden ourselves with their emotions and tackle extra accountability than what we are able to deal with. Empathy is taking a bite-sized portion of the opposite individual’s feeling in order that we are able to have a style of their wrestle sufficient to know it, after which do one thing to assist.

Donate to your favourite charity, unfold consciousness in your social media, discuss it with others. But additionally bear in mind to stability it with religious motion. Make honest du’a for these struggling, and do it whereas having hope alongside a deep religion in Allah’s plan, and the data that He is the Master of Planners. 

When celebrating on Eid day, you’ll be able to embrace local people members who’re much less lucky, who’re alone, or are going by way of a troublesome time. 

  • 4: You’re allowed to really feel blissful

Happiness just isn’t restricted to solely the happiest of instances in our lives; happiness may be discovered even within the saddest of instances. Allah says,

“Indeed with hardship comes ease” [Surah Ash-Sharh;94:5]

We all possess each disappointment and happiness inside us, and we are able to permit them each to dwell inside us to attain a higher stability in life.

  • 5: Spread happiness and hope

We can present concern about others’ struggles whereas having a smile on our faces. Those who’re struggling wish to be uplifted and reminded that there’s hope.

Lastly, as we bear in mind the struggles of others, as a substitute of deliberately turning into unhappy or responsible, say alhamdulillah for all of Allah’s blessings upon you and your loved ones. Allah says,



“So remember Me; I will remember you. And thank Me, and never be ungrateful” [Surah Al-Baqarah;2:152]


May all of us have a balanced, and unburdened Eid insha’Allah!


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