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Muslims By Name Only

1. Wrong Aqeedah

Many Muslims are simply Muslims by identify ―they’ve Muslim names like Ahmed, Muhammad, Abdullah, Abdul-Rahman and so forth ―and once we have a look at their beliefs (‘Aqeedah), they are upon an ‘Aqeedah that is contrary to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

2. Doing Shirk

Many Muslims direct worship to aside from Allah (the Most High) ―they connect themselves in worship to the useless of their graves, to shrines and tombs of friends and saints ―these whom they discuss with because the awliyā (the allies) of Allah or sālihīn (the righteous). So they venerate the graves and so they construct tombs and shrines over them after which supplicate to these inside them, in search of assist and intercession―that is the epitome of polytheism (shirk).

3. Neglecting Obligatory Things

Furthermore, once we have a look at the Islamic Ummah, we see that many Muslims don’t even pray, or pay the Zakāt or quick —they don’t set up that which Allah (the Most High) has made compulsory upon them. It is because of this, they aren’t aided by Allah and they aren’t capable of repel the assault from their enemies ―as a result of they don’t fulfil that which Allah (the Most High) has made compulsory upon them ―so they’re left with out Allah’s assist. This is the state of many Muslims ―their faith is misplaced to them and Allah (the Most High) has induced them to be misplaced.

4. Neglecting Tawheed (Muslims By Name Only)

So, from an important of affairs and causes which have led to the Muslims being tormented is their neglect of the worship of Allah (the Most High) and their neglect of Tawheed. Many Muslims don’t perceive Tawheed, and what it means or learn how to set up it in order that they fall into shirk (polytheism).

Then, there are those that could not commit shirk however they won’t condemn it as a result of they don’t see that forbidding shirk (polytheism) is essential in these instances. You will discover many so-called callers to Islam who don’t contemplate individuals who sit on the graves and name upon the useless and make tawāf (circumambulation) of them to have dedicated polytheism.

So these are an important causes behind the struggling of the Ummah.

And why the Muslims are being punished, and why this humiliation is being unleashed upon them. There happens in a narration from Imām Mālik ibn Anas (rahimahullāh, died 179H) during which he stated, “The latter part of this Ummah will not be rectified except with that which rectified its early part.” There is little doubt that the Ummah is struggling and Muslims are in a state of torment and humiliation, however that torment and humiliation won’t be eliminated up till the Muslims return again to the faith because it was within the early a part of Islam, within the time of the Prophet Muhammad (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) and his Companions (radiyallāhu ‘anhum).

Allah will ship down his humiliation upon you. (Muslims By Name Only)

The Messenger of Allah (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) stated, “When you partake in interest transactions (usury), hold on to the tails of cattle, become satisfied with the cultivation of the earth and you abandon striving in the path of Allah, then Allah will send down his humiliation upon you.” When will this occur? When the Muslims take pleasure in these acts of disobedience and sin. The Prophet Muhammad (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) continued, “Allah will not remove the humiliation until you return back to your Religion.” And the faith begins with Tawheed, with the worship of Allah alone and the pillars of Imān, the Prayer and the remainder of the pillars of Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (salallāhu ‘alaihi wasallam) didn’t say “until you revolt, carry out terrorist attacks, or until you demonstrate and march in the streets and lobby parliament, etc.” He started with the important affair of Religion.

So My Dear Brothers & Sisters, ask forgiveness from ALLAH (subhana wa taala). And flip again to ALLAH earlier than you come again to ALLAH (subhana wa taala). May ALLAH information us all.

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