Life After Life?


Your life is actually like an hour of a day. A second. In this second that’s your life you’ve a easy job. Acknowledge that there’s just one God.

Imagine you end up imprisoned in an odd land. You have been imprisoned for a number of weeks.


One day, two guards come to your cell. With them is a person wearing a go well with carrying a brown briefcase. They stand in entrance of your cell door. The man within the go well with pulls out a chunk of paper from the briefcase. He mentions your identify, then palms you the paper. It reads:


In about one hour from studying this, you’ll die. It may be a bit extra or a bit lower than an hour, however when your time is up you will be unable to flee the punishment, Death! No one has ever escaped from this punishment besides via a technique. Those who’ve accomplished a single easy job. If you full this job you’ll reside. Indeed, not solely will you reside however your life can be unimaginably higher than it’s proper now.

This job will take not more than 5 minutes of the one hour you’ve left. The job is to name your mom and inform her that she’s the one mom you’ve, that you just respect and are grateful for all that she has achieved for you and that it’s best to ask her to forgive you for something that you just’ve achieved to upset her. That’s it. You can be given a smartphone. Your mom’s quantity is saved on it and all you might want to do is flip it on, discover the quantity and name her. You have one hour.

Having completed studying you lookup. The man within the go well with palms you a smartphone and leaves with the guards. What will you do?

It could seem apparent, however what you aren’t instructed is that this cellphone can also be linked to your textual content messages and social media accounts, and while you flip it on, the e-mail, textual content and social media notifications begin showing on the display screen, together with your lawyer who has been messaging you that he can get you out.

Barely considering you start to flick via the messages, studying after which responding to them! The distraction is instantaneous, but extended. At the again of your thoughts you do not forget that you solely have an hour, however you retain telling your self you’ve loads of time. Half an hour later a guard comes. “Did you complete the task?” he asks.

You lookup confused, barely remembering why you got the cellphone within the first place. The guard leaves and calls begin coming out of your lawyer. You reply. He’s promising he can get you out, and on the similar time he’s telling you that your modest funding that you just made with him is making large quantities of cash.

Everyone is speaking about how wealthy you might be, and that certainly nobody would dare do something to you, you’re price extra alive…then you definately hear the sound of marching toes…you lookup and there are the guards once more. Six of them this time, wearing black. They are holding heavy chains…

The hour is up!

This is an instance of the lifetime of this world. Your life, nevertheless lengthy, is actually like an hour of a day. A second. In this second that’s your life you’ve a easy job. Acknowledge that there’s just one God.

To accomplish that is pure and rational and apparent. Deep down you already know that there’s nice, smart and mighty being that has created you and this universe and that He supplies for and controls all issues. Acknowledge His blessings and ask for His forgiveness.

Thank Him and Him alone. Worship Him alone and don’t make something equal with Him. It gained’t take a lot time in your life to do this. Not a lot time in any respect. Like 5 minutes of the hour that’s your life. If you do that you’ll get an everlasting lifetime of bliss, Paradise. A spot of full peace, happiness and pleasure the place the whole lot you might dream of and hope for can be there and extra. Things that your coronary heart can’t even think about, and your thoughts can’t even conceive.

You won’t ever get previous, or drained, or bored or hungry or thirsty or too scorching or too chilly. Every second in that place can be higher than the second earlier than it.

…however the lifetime of the world distracts you!

It distracts you till that second when your time is up, however by then its too late! Certainly, if you end up within the grave you’ll come to know with absolute certainty the fact that this life distracted you from, that this life was only a take a look at. Passing this take a look at concerned one thing extremely easy, straightforward and pure.

To testify that there’s one true supply of success and happiness; the Creator, who has no equal and no rival. To ask your Creator for forgiveness to your errors and be grateful by attempting to reside your life in line with the steering that He has despatched.

…however the lifetime of the world distracts you!

Death is the fact that can confront us all. It is totally sure. You won’t escape it.

The wealthy and poor, wholesome and sick, younger and previous, women and men, black and white from the East or West, demise will attain all of them. So, what have you ever ready for the life to come back? What have you ever achieved to save lots of your self from its perils and trials?

Do you actually think about that you can be left and never held to account for all that you’ve got achieved and for all that you’ve got didn’t do? No, definitely you can be requested. Every atom’s weight of excellent and ever atom’s weight of evil can be made recognized on a day about which there isn’t a doubt.

This is a Day of Accounting. The Day of Reckoning. The Day of Judgment.

Every injustice and each fallacious can be made proper, after which you can be offered together with your scroll of deeds. Whoever’s scale is heavy with good will go to the gardens of delights.

Whoever’s scale of deeds is heavy with evil, for them is the burning hearth of countless ache and struggling the place its inhabitants will neither reside nor will they die, a struggling that can solely enhance eternally. Death will method them from each facet, however they won’t die.

“Bear in thoughts that the current life is only a sport, a diversion, an attraction, a explanation for boasting amongst you, of rivalry in wealth and kids. It is like crops that spring up after the rain: their progress at first delights the sowers, however then you definately see them wither away, flip yellow, and change into stubble. There is horrible punishment within the subsequent life in addition to forgiveness and approval from God; the lifetime of this world is simply an illusory pleasure. (The Qur’an Chapter 57 , Verse 20)

Think about it.

Where would you need to spend your eternity?

The Day of Judgement is true

Hellfire is true

Paradise is true

This is the sure fact

…however the lifetime of the world distracts you!



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