How to Raise Truthful Children


By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

Islam instructions that within the hearts of the kids the seeds of the greatness and significance of fact be sown, in order that they might develop up and develop on fact and will develop into younger in its lap; and so they could give it its due place of their talks.

Adoption of straight dealing and telling the reality has been very strictly insisted upon in Islam.

`Abdullah ibn `Aamir stated: “once my mother called me when the Prophet was present in my house. My mother asked me to come and said that she would give me a certain thing. He asked what did she want to give? She said that she wanted to give me a date (fruit). The Prophet said: “If you had not given him this date, then the committing of a falsehood would have been entered into your record of deeds”. (Abu Dawud)

Abu Hurayrah says that the Prophet has stated:

“Anybody who called a child saying that he would give him a certain thing, and did not give it, then it is a lie.” (Ahmad)

It is value noting that in what a sensible approach the Prophet has instructed his followers to coach their youngsters in such a way that they need to take into account fact and straight dealing respectable issues and will keep away from telling lies. Had the Prophet ignored these items and had not emphatically reminded about them, then there was a hazard that the kids on rising up wouldn’t have thought of telling lies as sin.

Adoption of straight dealing and telling the reality has been very strictly insisted upon, a lot in order that it has been enjoined upon to take care about this in even small family issues.

Asmaa’ bint Yazid narrates that she as soon as requested the Messenger of Allah:

“If someone of us women stated that she had no desire to have a certain thing even though she had that desire, then would it be considered a lie?”

He replied: “Falsehood is written as falsehood, and a small falsehood is written as a small falsehood.” (Muslim)

Not to Tell a Lie Even in a Joke

The establisher of the Shari`ah (peace be upon him) has warned of all of the events the place falsehood can be utilized and the antagonistic penalties of the identical, a lot in order that it’s not attainable for even an unusual enforcer to misguide the folks concerning the actuality or to minimize its significance.

A person tends to make false statements in reducing jokes, considering that on the events of entertaining folks there may be nothing incorrect if baseless info is given or false and imaginary occasions are associated. But Islam, which considers offering aid to hearts as permissible, has mounted solely these strategies correct and permissible that are inside that: limits of fact, as a result of halal is way broader than haram and that fact is unbiased of falsehood. Allah’s Messenger has stated:

“Death for the man who indulges in story-telling in order to make some people laugh and for that he relies on falsehood. There is death for him, there is destruction for him.” (At-Tirmidhi)

In one other hadith it’s acknowledged:

“I give guarantee of a house in the middle of Paradise for the man who has given up falsehood, though he was required to indulge in humor.” (Al-Bayhaqi)

The Prophet has stated:

“A believer cannot have complete faith unless he gives up falsehood in his jokes and debates though in all other matters he speaks the truth.” (Ahmad)

This is our every day remark that individuals give full rein to their tongues within the matter of humorous talks to make others snigger, and don’t hesitate to unfold the tales and tales invented by mates or foes just for the aim of getting some pleasure or for pulling some one’s leg, when the world has completely prohibited such a incorrect coverage, and it is a undeniable fact that this sort of leisure and amusements and false acts create enmities and rivalries,

Avoid Exaggeration in Praise

Some peoples once they reward any person, go to the extent of exaggerating and making false statements. For a Muslim it’s essential that when he praises any person he ought to do it to the extent to which he is aware of about that man, he ought to keep away from exaggeration and falsehood in showering praises of the praised one, though he could also be deserving of the praises, for exaggeration is a form of falsehood which has been forbidden,

To an individual who was praising the Prophet, he stated: “Do not indulge in exaggeration while praising me, as the Christians did in the case of Ibn Maryam (Christ). I am only a slave. So only say that he is a slave of Allah and His Messenger.” (Al-Bukhari)

A gaggle of such folks is at all times discovered who lick the boots of the leaders and rulers of the nation and reward them to heaven. The predominant objective of their lives is to compose very prolonged panegyric poems or to jot down long-drawn essays in reward of their benefactors.

Thus, they attempt to make a mountain of the molehill and place an unknown individual within the palace of fame. Sometimes they don’t even hesitate to name the tyrant rulers as commonplace bearers of justice and coward and hen hearted troopers as courageous and lion-hearted fighters. Their solely objective in that is to earn wealth.

This is the worst form of falsehood. Allah’s Messenger has recommended us to completely reject them and expose them until they offer up their incorrect practices.

Abu Hurayrah says that the Prophet has commanded us that we should always throw mud within the face of those that take pleasure in exaggeration of their praises. (At-Tirmidhi)

The commentators have identified that the individuals talked about listed below are those that make exaggeration as their behavior and thru this attempt to earn presents and presents from the praised ones however these individuals who reward the performers of fine acts with a view to encouraging them and to inciting others to observe their instance usually are not meant.

The limits the place a Muslim stops and which maintain him distinct from the bootlickers and the exaggerators are: that he praises his benefactor or a superb individual, however he doesn’t let him take pleasure in vainness and pleasure. These limits have been clarified by the Prophet.

Abu Bakr narrates {that a} man praised somebody within the presence of Allah’s Messenger and the Prophet instructed him:

“Fie on you, you have separated the head of your companion,” He repeated these phrases after which stated: “If someone wants to praise his brothers then if he is aware of the facts then he should say that I think he is such and such and Allah is the real Knower, and there is none purer and innocent than Allah; I consider him bearer of these qualities.” (Al-Bukhari)


The article is excerpted from the guide  “Muslim Character” , an American-English translation of Muhammad Al-Ghazali’s Khuluq Al-Muslim



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