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Muslim ladies’s rights have been a subject of intense dialogue and debate each inside and out of doors the Muslim world. Muslim ladies have been victimized by each mainstream narratives. Muslim governments use Islamic texts as an excuse to discriminate in opposition to ladies and limit ladies’s rights and freedoms. Western Islamophobic teams use these well-liked but misogynistic interpretations of Islam to help their xenophobic claims. Women practising Islam are sometimes topic to double requirements primarily based on their gender and non secular beliefs. There are many misconceptions about ladies’s rights in Islam that should be addressed. Let’s check out a few of these false beliefs.

10 Misconceptions About Women’s Rights In Islam

Here are some generally held misconceptions concerning the rights of girls in Islam:

Women In Islam Do Not Have The Right To Divorce

Many individuals imagine that Muslim ladies don’t have any proper to divorce their husbands. This is just not true. According to Quran, “there is no blame on either of them if they came to terms with mutual consent and agreement (2:29-231).”

It additionally says, “if you fear a breach, then there is no blame on either of them if she makes a settlement (4:128).” Sadly, many ladies have no idea that they’re entitled to a divorce and the legal guidelines governing divorce.

Women In Islam Are Supposed To Be Subservient To Men

Another fantasy surrounding ladies’s rights in Islam is that we’re purported to be subservient to males. This is unfaithful. Islam values ladies and views them as equal companions with males. The Quran clearly exhibits that women and men shouldn’t be handled in a different way.

The Quran makes use of the phrase “Al-Imraan” to consult with women and men. The solely distinction is that good or dangerous deeds are rewarded or punished in numerous methods.

The Quran clearly states, “For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for truthful men and women, for patient men and women, for humble men and women, for charitable men and women, for fasting men and women, for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in Allah’s praise, for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward. (33:35)”

A Muslim Woman Cannot Travel Without A Male Companion

Another fantasy is {that a} Muslim lady can not journey with no male companion. This is just not true. There isn’t any restriction positioned on Muslim ladies concerning travelling alone.

The solely restriction positioned on ladies is that they can’t journey if there may be concern of being exploited or if there’s a concern that their journey would result in a bootleg relationship.

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The Quran Does Not Give Women Equal Rights As Men

This is a fantasy that has no foundation. Islam emphasizes the truth that women and men are equal. The Quran states that “there is no good in most of their secret thoughts, save in the case of those who had faith and did righteous deeds, and thereafter ironed out the twisted wrinkles in their hearts.”

The Quran additionally states that each one people are created equal, “O humankind! We have created you all out of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another (49:13).”

All Muslim Women Must Wear Hijab

Another false impression is that each one Muslim ladies are required to be sporting hijabs and niqabs. While the Quran restricts what Muslim ladies can put on, it doesn’t place any restrictions on sporting a hijab or a niqab.

The Quran locations restrictions on the clothes of each women and men. It states, “O Children of Adam! Let not the devil tempt you in the absence of Allah as he expelled your parents from the garden, stripping them of their clothing, to show them their shame (7:27)”.

It additionally states that “O Children of Adam! Wear your beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer (7:31).”

All Muslim Women Must Follow Sharia Law And Practices

Another fantasy is that each one Muslim ladies should comply with Sharia regulation and practices. This is fake. Specifically, the Quran declares that “there is no compulsion in religion.” It additionally states that “no one is entitled to force others to embrace Islam against their will (2:256).”

Girls Are Legally Allowed To Marry At An Early Age

Again, a giant false impression. Shariah legal guidelines don’t allow ladies beneath the age of 18 to marry in all Muslim international locations. In addition to their bodily and organic well-being, ladies ought to wait till they’re adults to get married. This is just not Islamic regulation, however a customized or custom of the native tradition.

Islam Does Not Provide Equal Rights For Women

This is a quite common fantasy. It is unfaithful. The Quran explicitly states that it’s “encourage good and forbid evil” and never “promote evil and forbid good.”  

As per the Quran, there isn’t any distinction between women and men when it comes to the rights they’re entitled to. In reality, by way of the Quran, Islam locations the identical restrictions on males because it does on ladies.

Islam Condones Domestic Violence And Abuse Against Women

A standard false impression is that ladies in Islam are handled as second-class residents and are victims of home violence and abuse. This is just not true. The Holy Quran explicitly condemns home violence and abuse in opposition to ladies.

Most of the Quranic verse that’s misinterpreted as a license to beat ladies was revealed in a specific context 2,000 years in the past. In these days, attitudes in the direction of ladies have been very completely different from at this time.

Women’s position was very restricted in society; their important position was to take care of the family and lift kids. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) clarified that he had been despatched to “end the tyranny of men towards women” and that he had been despatched “to free the slaves and end the ignorance of the ignorance” (Bukhari, Muslim).

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) believed in a girl’s proper to schooling, her proper to earn a dwelling, and her proper to divorce her husband. He didn’t shrink back from criticizing males who abused ladies.

Women In Islam Are Not Allowed To Work Or Earn A Living

Another fascinating fantasy is that ladies in Islam should not allowed to earn a dwelling. This is just not true. From the very starting of Islam, ladies have been actively concerned within the workforce. Prophet Muhammad’s first spouse, Khadija, was not simply his enterprise associate however was additionally his mentor.

The position of girls within the economic system has at all times been outstanding. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) declared that ladies have been allowed to earn a dwelling and have interaction in enterprise. The solely restriction for them is to keep away from incomes by way of illegal means.

Final Thoughts On Muslim Women’s Rights

Women’s rights in Islam have been grossly misconstrued and misinterpreted by individuals who don’t perceive the faith. Women should not disadvantaged of any rights in Islam, and they’re seen as equal companions with males. It locations the identical restrictions on the clothes of women and men and doesn’t place any restrictions on travelling alone for girls. The Quran additionally makes it very clear that each one people are created equal and that there isn’t any distinction between males’s and girls’s rights.

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