Haram Relationship | True Story of a Sister’s Haram Relationship



A sister warns us about having males and speaking to males on fb (haram relationship), this can be a VERY essential reminder ya akhawati fillah.

She says;

”Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatahu,
to begging, I swear to God that my story is true, and that i need to share it with my sisters as a result of I like you, I worry for you, I’ll attempt to resume my story to the utmost.
Like each younger ladies; i additionally need to get married, Alhamdulillah! God has granted my want.
I met a brother on fb, we met each-other, then we met up in a lodge room. He lied down on the mattress and provides me an indication to hitch him, And then issues occurred that i’m ashamed to speak about because it was brother who wore the sunnah [The beard and the Qamis].

After that I obtained married to him. Our life as a pair was Chaotic.
(Haram Relationship)

Then my husband advised me that he needed to fulfill one other sister. He advised me that he needed to fulfill her both to make her a second spouse or to get married to her simply in case we’d divorce. – So he created a fb account to seek out his future spouse. And he requested me if he might fake to be me [on facebook].
And I Refused. But then he made me really feel responsible, and advised me that i owned him obedience. So i didn’t have the selection.
I swear it, me upset to see all these married sisters share their issues about their marriage whereas pondering it was a girl; when in truth it was my Husband.
It damage me to see all these sisters sending their footage and exhibiting their awrah [adornments] to my husband whereas pondering it was a girl.
It killed me to see all these sisters speak in confidence to my husband behind that laptop display whereas pondering it was a WOMAN.

YOU, my sisters who hears me, perhaps that my husband has an image of YOU on his cellphone or on his laptop and You don’t Even know.

The worst on this; is when a sister had a doubt my husband made me cellphone the sister, in order that when she would hear my voice she can be satisfied that she is speaking to a girl. He would give me a couple of data on her then i needed to speak to her like she was my pal when she was an entire stranger to me. I really feel unhealthy about what i did. – I helped my husband to betray sisters. But i had no alternative. He made me really feel responsible by all the time reminding me that i owned him obedience.

My sisters, fb is a good fitnah.

It comprises extra hurt then good. I lengthy hesitated to jot down as a result of i used to be scared that my husband would discover out and that he’ll hurt me for having denounced him, But i desire to WARN you.

Lastly sisters i want to let you know {that a} pious husband just isn’t discovered on fb or on msn; and i’m very nicely positioned to know this.

In case you’re talking to a brother don’t suppose that he’s reliable simply because he has a beard and put on the Qamis, as a result of he’s nonetheless a person together with his needs and-and you’re nonetheless a girl with yours, and the worst in that is that shaitan is your third. Once you’ll have misplaced your virginity or you could have had a child within the haram, all of the tears and regrets can be ineffective.


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Jazak Allah Khair


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