Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) stated,
“Two blessings which many people do not make the most of: good health & spare time.”
(Daily Easy Good Deeds)

1. Think of Allah (subhana wa taala) earlier than you’re taking any motion – This will cease you from doing something Allah dislikes.

2. Say Bismillah at first eg. – sporting garments, switching lights on & off, consuming, finding out, driving, and many others.

3. Take a minute out to make Dua after each Athan.

4. Keep your lips moist with fixed Dhikr of Allah – Praise Allah in each motion: Subhan Allah, Alhumdulillah, Allah hu Akbar, and many others.

5. Perform the Sunnah & Nawafil Salaat as a lot as attainable… Find time to wish extras, reminiscent of Salatul-Duha/Ishraaq, Qiyaamul-layl/Tahajjud.

6. Listen to the Quraan in Car, Cooking, cleansing & spare time, and many others.

7. Recite Quraan day-after-day after Salatul Fajr & learn its which means to grasp… Even if only a web page or few strains.

8. Repent to (Him) ALLAH (subhana wa taala) to your errors & sins each passing minute with Istighfaar.

9. Give Sadaqah every day, even when 1 Riyal or a Dollar!

10. Try to atleast quick on Mondays & Thursdays.

Daily Easy Good Deeds

11. Give your self a while alone a day & take into consideration Death & Akhirah… Make Dhikr.

12. Become a critical Student of this Deen. Try to make it to the following Islamic class, Halaqa, gathering.

13. Study the History of Islam. The Seerah, be taught of the good students & warriors who died with Allah on their lips & Islam of their hearts.

14. Spend extra time studying Islamic books, particularly on Aqeedah, Hadith & Fiqh.

15. Download & take heed to lectures in your Mobile, in Car, on Laptop.

16. Take the time to grasp what’s occurring within the Muslim World at present. Do your half to become involved, even when with simply Dua’s.

17. Lower Your Gaze at all times – Avoid taking a look at illegal photos, whether or not they be from TV, Mobile, Magazines, or in any other case.

18. Don’t simply criticize if you happen to dislike one thing you see, do your half to vary it – Stand up for proper, forbid evil & say NO to Gheebah.

Let others know….

May Allah forgive us and information us all.


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