By Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala

O Mankind! Here is an instance, so take heed to it fastidiously. Those whom you name apart from Allah can’t even create a fly, even when all of them come collectively, quite, even when the fly snatches away something from them, they can not even get it again……

Surah Hajj : Ch. 22 Verse 73

Nisaar Nadiadwala

This single verse of the Qur’an emphasis Tawhid, the Oneness of Allah.

Many atheists snigger at this verse citing the instance of an airplane. They evaluate the prevalence of artificial machine, with a small fly the Qur’an proudly presents as a case research. So allow us to see if the airplane is de facto superior in nature and sophisticated in making and powerful in constructed than the fly (AN AEROPLANE AND A FLY).

How a lot meals a fly consumes to maintain buzzing for lengthy hours? Science tells us that it could possibly fly for round two hours! Consider its measurement and match it with the dimensions of its digestive organs. Look on the airplane, how a lot gasoline it must preserve itself within the air for few hours? If you’re a scholar of arithmetic evaluate the ratio.

If you learn the above verse once more there’s a problem coined by Allah:

If a fly snatches away one thing from them, they can not even get it again ! Have you ever thought why?

Because the fly doesn’t carry meals together with it. How does a fly eat its meals? The fly makes use of an acid that it regurgitates and that acid dissolves the bits of the meals, after which it simply sucks the dissolved meals, by means of it’s “mouth”. How are you able to get it again from the fly?

How shortly a fly can take off, for those who attempt to swat it! How a lot area does it have to take off?

Have you take into account the reproductive capability of a fly?

They say: Kill a fly in May and preserve 1000’s away!…A small fly, smaller than many of the spare components of airplane, has an exquisite reproductive system. The home fly is 6 to 7 mm lengthy Each feminine fly can lay as much as 500 eggs in a number of batches of 75 to 150 eggs over a 3 to 4 day interval. Around 10 to 12 generations of flies could happen, yearly in temperate areas. Scientists have calculated {that a} pair of flies starting copy in April could also be progenitors, below optimum situations and if all have been to stay, of 191,010,000,000,000,000,000 flies by August. Look on the measurement of a home fly and ponder over its miraculous creation.

Have you ever seen a child airplane? Or heard that an air airplane has gone for a maternity depart? An airplane is not any match for a small fly. Therefore Allah ends the verse with an exclamation: How feeble are the callers and the way powerless are these whom they name!
Then Allah reminds within the subsequent verse : They don’t render to Allah the homage on account of Him: In truth Allah is the one who’s All Powerful, All Mighty….



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