A Woman of Perfection


By Maria Zain

Women and the Society

A girl in in the present day’s society is just not free from scrutiny about how she meant to decorate, behave, or seem in public. The public eye falls on each lady who strolls inside its purview and its notion is usually one that’s inflexible and judgmental. Physical magnificence basically turns into the discuss of the season, each season, because the definition of bodily magnificence adjustments just like the clouds.

One season, lovely ladies are those that are skinny with a sure haircut – perhaps one that’s straight – so the development follows: ladies of all ages start to “diet” into the prescribed type of magnificence and cough up their financial savings for rebonding hair remedies.The subsequent season’s coloration of magnificence is sandy mud and pointed footwear to elongate the legs. The development then forces ladies to stick to the “norm” by scouring magnificence shops for sandy mud hair dye and shoe shops for pointy footwear.

Islam prescribes hijab for Muslim ladies to guard themselves from this shallow definition of perfection.

Islam and Material Perfection

Physical magnificence is a endless debate. Face lifts, new diets, garments, and extra garments and cosmetics signify profitable industries the place the notion of magnificence adjustments and alters and is in the end compelled upon ladies who fall prey to this type of materials perfection. Islam has different concepts, although. It prescribes hijab for Muslim ladies to guard themselves from this shallow definition of perfection. With the usage of this Muslim gown code, ladies are not required to observe traits of the season.

Women are allowed of their properties and to their spouses to make their eyes look greater, placed on make-up and they’re even “allowed” to be a little bit chubby. Physical magnificence in Islam is guarded via the sanctity of marriage the place spouses are described as being “garments” for one another.

The excellent lady is due to this fact outlined in a different way in Islam. Though a lady should be bodily engaging to her husband, her public picture is a distinct one, the place her internal magnificence performs a much more distinguished position in her look and habits.

The Women of Perfection

The 4 excellent ladies acknowledged by Islam are well-known by Muslims. They are: the Virgin Mary, the mom of Prophet Jesus, Asya, the spouse of Pharaoh, Lady Khadijah, the Prophet’s first spouse, and Lady Fatimah, the youngest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Fatimah the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, particularly, was a younger lady in the course of the time Islam was launched. So from her youth – as a daughter, later a spouse and a mom – the perfection of a Muslim as outlined by Islam surfaces via Lady Fatimah.

Lady Fatimah is described to be one of many nice ladies in Islam. She performed an essential position in her father’s mission, thus is acknowledged as the proper position mannequin for ladies. The under verse describes the sanctity of the Prophet’s family, together with Lady Fatima.

[And stay quietly in your houses, and make not a dazzling display, like that of the former times of ignorance; and establish regular Prayer, and give regular Charity; and obey Allah and His Messenger. And Allah only wishes to remove all abomination from you, ye members of the Family, and to make you pure and spotless.] (Al-Azhab 33:33)

In many stories, she was barely 5 when Prophet Muhammad obtained his first revelation at Mount Hira’. As a baby, she had witnessed gross calamities inflicted upon her dad and mom and even at instances she fell sufferer to the taunts of the Quraish. Unlike some youngsters in the present day who should cope with playground bullying or peer strain, Lady Fatima endured bodily, psychological and religious ache as she watched her father being humiliated by the pagan Arabs as they labeled him as being “mentally insane.”

One story even relays a scene on the Kabah the place one of many Prophet’s opponents discarded garbage on Prophet Muhammad’s head whereas he was prostrating to God. With a teary eye and a wrenched coronary heart, the younger Fatimah cleaned her father as he pacified his favourite daughter by telling her that he may endure private insults, so long as they weren’t directed in the direction of Islam. Maybe it was via Lady Fatimah’s endurance all through her childhood that Prophet Muhammad held her in excessive regard all through his lifetime.

A Loving Daughter, Loyal Wife, and Doting Mother

When she was older, and even married, she would nurse her father via to restoration when he was injured throughout warfare. It was reported that on events the place meals was scarce, he would go to his daughter first to make sure that she had sufficient sustenance, earlier than tending to his personal wants. Similarly, Lady Fatimah would go to her father if he had been in want, with out regretting any sacrifices she would make for him.

Also, when Lady Fatima entered a room that was occupied by Prophet Muhammad, he would instantly rise to greet her, kiss her brow, and supply her his vacated seat. She would return the gesture when their roles had been reversed. Her marriage to Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Prophet’s cousin, was a cheerful one. The marriage ceremony is usually described as one of the crucial lavish weddings in Madinah. It was sponsored by her father, as Ali was a poor man.

In reality, Lady Fatimah was the one certainly one of Prophet Muhammad’s daughters who didn’t marry a wealthy service provider. Prophet Muhammad inspired the union, realizing very nicely that Ali was a pious Muslim and one that may take care of his youngest daughter till dying parted them. Lady Fatimah braced married life bravely and labored to assist her husband to offer for his or her household. Besides the grueling situations that she labored in, she was additionally a mom to 2 child boys the older is known as Hassan and the youthful is Hussein.

She was a loving daughter, loyal spouse, and doting mom. She persevered via the hardship that burdened her all through her life, with out even a whimper. How many ladies in the present day are ready to try this with out being swayed by the most recent vogue statements?

Raising Fatimahs

Contemporary tradition typically talks in regards to the bodily look of a lady, one which must be inherently engaging. But Muslims, and Muslim ladies particularly, study that internal magnificence outweighs magnificence on the skin. This has been portrayed by pious Muslim ladies who observe the Muslim gown code and cling to good Muslim habits.

They are those that present for the needy, relieve the burdens of their husbands, elevate their youngsters as believers, love their dad and mom, and attempt for private enchancment, whether or not it’s via their careers, pursuits, or hobbies. Every act of a superb Muslim is completed for the sake of Allah.

Are Muslim daughters in the present day rising as much as be remotely shut in demonstrating Lady Fatimah’s demeanor and religion? Fatimah was uncovered to violence and oppression at a younger age and he or she blossomed into changing into one of the crucial pious Muslims within the historical past of Islam, and is acknowledged by Allah as one of many excellent Muslim ladies.

It doesn’t imply that younger Muslim daughters in the present day should be uncovered to violence and oppression the best way Prophet Muhammad and his household had been to flourish into changing into believing ladies.

But the overwhelming ranges of materialism that’s inherent in in the present day’s tradition, particularly the shallow definition of perfection, dampens hopes that younger Muslim ladies in the present day will prescribe to Lady Fatimah’s formulation in striving for perfection.

Perfection that Lasts

There is just one Fatimah, the one and solely Lady Fatimah. To Fatimah the Prophet Muhammad mentioned: “Thou art the highest of the women of the people of Paradise, excepting only the Virgin Mary, daughter of Imran,” (Lings, 1983).

It is tough for ladies to not be swayed by the thought of latest perfection. The media bullies ladies into considering that with no sure asset, accent, or beauty case, they are going to fade into changing into bland people for being much less engaging and fewer excellent. Imagine striving for perfection amidst vogue faux-pas and the most recent beauty discoveries.

Now think about striving to socialize with Lady Fatimah in Paradise. Imagine mingling together with her amongst different believers who withdrew from the pressures of latest perfection. The reminder of Lady Fatimah as an ideal Muslim lady is one to lean on, whether or not a Muslim lady is a daughter, spouse or mom. Regardless of non-public pursuits, hobbies, networks, social circles, or profession prospects, a lady’s obligation – like that of a Muslim man’s – is in the direction of Allah and his covenants.

The shallow world of materialism has no place within the hearts of believing Muslim ladies.

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About the writer:

Originally from Malaysia, Maria Zain was a contract author based mostly in Nottingham, United Kindgom. Maria was additionally an authorized Childbirth Educator (AMANI Birth Institute), and a home-educating Muslim mom of six. She handed away on 28 December 2014. May Allah have mercy on her!


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