A Divine Call for Kindness to Parents


By Dr. Ahmad Al Khalidi

Allah (Exalted be He) addresses believers and instructions them to worship Him alone and to be at all times sort to their dad and mom particularly after they develop outdated and weak in such a manner that they need to not utter the slightest phrase of disgust or disrespect to them.

Allah instructions believers to worship Him alone and to be at all times sort to their dad and mom particularly after they develop outdated and weak.

The Qur’an reminds kids of their dad and mom’ favor to them in childhood specifically moms who endured pains of weight in her physique, supply and weaning.

The human standing, these days, matches with the Qur’anic details; because the Muslims within the east and west belong to households with sturdy bonds the place the kids are dutiful to their dad and mom in a technique or one other; whereas most mushriks ( polytheists’) kids in non-Muslim societies depart their dad and mom as quickly as they attain puberty age.

Besides, their relationship with their dad and mom will get too weak to go to them or to do any favor for them besides on events (in the event that they bear in mind them). How fantastic are the  Qur’anic teachings that decision kids to do good to their dad and mom not solely all through their life but in addition after their demise.

Your Lord has decreed that you just worship none however Him and that you just be sort to oldsters. Whether one or each of them attain outdated age in your life, say to not them a phrase of contempt, nor repel them, however deal with them by way of honor. (Al-Israa’ 17:23)

Baz, (2007) brings up that the Qur’an incites the love of benefaction and mercy within the hearts of kids, who at all times look ahead and infrequently look backward to care for his or her dad and mom who  have spent the entire nectar of their life for the sake of their kids till drought has approached them.

The Father

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) instructs kids to pay attention to their dad and mom’ standing in Islam.

Abu Darda’ heard the Prophet say that:

“The father is the middle door of Paradise (i.e. the best way to Paradise), so it is up to you whether you take advantage of it or not.” (Ibn Majah)

And out of kindness, decrease to them the wing of humility and say, “My Lord! Bestow on them Your mercy even as they cherished me in childhood”. (Al-Israa’ 17:24)

The Mother

That is why the Prophet (peace be upon him) counseled kids to deal with their mom properly greater than some other individual.

Abu Huraira reported that an individual stated:

“Allah’s Messenger, who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He said: ‘Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).’” (Muslim)

Allah says:

And We have enjoined upon man (care) for his dad and mom. His mom carried him, (rising her) in weak point upon weak point, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your dad and mom; to Me is the (ultimate) vacation spot. (Luqman 31:14)

True scientific discoveries normally agree with the Holy Quranic verses, so Al Tawashi (2006:265) mentions what scientists have found concerning the significance of mom’s milk, “Every day, a new benefit of mother’s milk to the baby is discovered.” He provides, “one of the facts that science has discovered about mother’s milk is that suckling up to two years after birth is very beneficial.” Moreover, “Mother’s milk is an unmatched mixture that is created by God has both an excellent food-source for the new born baby, and a substance that increases its resistance to disease. Even artificial baby food produced by today’s technology cannot substitute for this miraculous source of nutrition.”

Allah’s Mercy

Children mustn’t neglect their dad and mom’ breeding and care. Allah orders kids to be modest to their dad and mom out of humbleness and mercy to them in search of reward from Allah. However, in case dad and mom name their kids to shirk, they need to not obey them; but they need to hold sort and benevolent for them. This, certainly, displays the extent of mercy of Allah upon dad and mom though they have been disbelievers.

But in the event that they endeavor to make you affiliate with Me that of which you haven’t any information, don’t obey them however accompany them on this world with acceptable kindness and observe the best way of those that flip again to Me in repentance. Then to Me can be your return, and I’ll inform you about what you used to do. (Luqman 31:15)

“If they help you in the obedience to Allah, guide and cultivate you with a correct upbringing then they deserve to be obeyed. If, however, they both deviate and strive with much effort with you to fall into shirk (associating other beings/gods) with Allah then there is no obedience to them (in that). However, the general righteousness that you should have towards them does not become void even if they try and strive against you and harm you to disbelieve in Allah, it is upon you not to forget their rights; for you must be a good companion to them in this life.” (Sahih International)

In view of that, younger Muslims ought to at all times bear in mind this Prophetic hadith that calls kids to treat their dad and mom and to be watchful for them.

`Abdullah ibn Mas`ud reported:

“I said: Messenger of Allah, which of the deeds (takes one) nearer to Paradise? He (the Holy Prophet) replied: Prayer at its proper time, I said: What next, Messenger of Allah? He replied: Kindness to the parents. I said: What next? He replied: Jihad in the cause of Allah.” (Muslim)

Fostering Ethical Concepts in Children

Luqman’s son is reminded of the rights of his dad and mom on him, of the hardships moms face whereas bearing and weaning their kids and of the whole dependence of infants on their moms for 2 years. However, Man ought to be grateful to Allah first, then to his dad and mom.

S`adi (1985) factors out that one needs to be respectful to his dad and mom and that he ought to deal with them gently, converse with them modestly utilizing sort phrases, take care of them pathetically and keep away from ill-treating them, notably his mom who confronted issue after issue since he was a clot till he was born, enduring his weight in her physique, her sufferings from weak point and sickness in addition to pains of supply.


Dr. Ahmad Muhammad Al khalidi is Researcher and translator, E L trainer and lecturer, an outdated member within the presentation to Islam committee.




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