5 Ways You Can Still Have A Healthy Ramadan


Tired of being advised find out how to have a more healthy Ramadan? Things you understand however that simply exit the window on the first sight of a samosa or _____________ (insert your fried meals of selection) at Iftar? 

I hear you. So this yr I wish to aid you shift your mindset and give you ideas that have you ever replicate and a few which have labored for me in my own residence. As an apart, I do have a useful information you’ll be able to obtain to remind you of why the mentioned samosa is probably not doing you any good on the each day in Ramadan or in any other case. After all, as INSAAN (the foundation of the phrase being NISYAAN that means forgetful) we positively profit from these reminders. 

Below are a couple of methods that may aid you give attention to what’s necessary. 

Focus On The Why

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Ok so let’s begin with our WHY. Why can we quick in Ramadan? Let’s have a look at what Allah (swt) says the explanation ought to be. 

“O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may develop God-consciousness.” (2:183)

God- consciousness or TAQWA is our WHY for fasting in Ramadan based on our creator. How does one obtain that? By obeying His instructions. Now if we have a look at the prescription for well being and vitality within the Quran it’s via an entire meals weight loss plan. Purity is burdened upon nearly in all places meals is talked about. So a lot in order that we’ve an in depth description of the standards we have to fulfil to eat meat. 

“Forbidden unto you (for meals) are carrion and blood and swine-flesh, and that which hath been devoted unto some other than Allah, and the strangled, and the useless via beating, and the useless via falling from a top, and that which hath been killed by (the goring of) horns, and the devoured of untamed beasts, saving that which ye make lawful (by the death-stroke) 

See what I’m getting at? When a lot element is given on a topic, there actually isn’t a lot else to say. If Taqwa is to be achieved we should do or half to be cognizant of all of Allah’s instructions, not simply the rituals. 

The Sunnah of our Prophet is stuffed with examples as nicely. The well-known hadith on portion management ought to be stored in thoughts once we are sitting at Iftar. Instead of overeating, let’s actually make an effort to fill our abdomen ⅔ with foods and drinks and depart the remaining empty so we will give attention to our ibadah. 

Set Up Your Environment For Success

Setting the stage for a more healthy Ramadan begins with guaranteeing you don’t have temptation out there inside attain to sabotage your efforts. Now though this can be a no brainer, there’s really science to again it up. James Clear, the writer of Atomic Habits talks in regards to the 4 legal guidelines to behavior change. There are 4 steps in making a behavior stick and one in all them is to make it apparent. In distinction, if we wish to break a foul behavior, we have to make it not so apparent. So for instance, if you wish to eat wholesome in Ramadan, refill your pantry with complete meals, make water the better option to make by not bringing sodas and different sugary drinks inside your own home. Don’t make or get the fried stuff in bulk each single day. Keep it to someday of the week and make a small batch that solely offers you 1-2 items at Iftar. And earlier than you label me The Samosa Police, please know that I’m not about denying you your cultural consolation meals, all I’m saying is to portion management and maintain temptation at bay.

Case in level: 

Messages like these pop up on the neighborhood Whatsapp group already. 

Prep Ahead

How about as a substitute of the samosas, we give attention to getting ready a couple of more healthy choices? Prepping forward will be such a sport changer particularly in Ramadan while you wish to focus extra in your ibadah as a substitute of slaving within the kitchen simply earlier than iftar, the perfect time to make dua.

If the considered consuming “stale food” as some desi elders name it makes you sick to the abdomen, take into account prepping components that may reduce your time within the kitchen in half. I like to cut up onions for curries and omelettes. Simply retailer the quantity you want per dish in separate baggage and freeze them. When you’re prepared to make use of one, thaw in heat water for 5-10 minutes when you attend to different issues or within the fridge the evening earlier than. 

Go Straight to Dinner

The previous few years my husband Ali and I’ve been forgoing the iftar that we grew up on. We skipped the pakoras and samosa that was the appetizer to the precise meal and went straight to dinner. We have seen how a lot lighter and energetic we really feel. If you don’t have such a practise in your house, take into account this technique.

Don’t Forget The Veggies

It will be difficult to get our greens in frequently not to mention Ramadan the place the consuming window is a lot smaller. Prep smoothie components forward of time and serve that at Iftar or make mouth watering salads filled with shade that the entire household will wish to eat. Boost the dietary worth by throwing in nuts, seeds and fruit. This yr I’m planning to make a brand new salad per iftar to get my boys, 17 and 11, to interrupt their iftar with a date and a serving of salad earlier than digging into the remainder of their meal. Quite a feat I do know, however I’m up for the problem!

So there you have got it, my prime 5 recommendations on how one can deliver mindfulness as you put together for  this Ramadan. I pray that it’s of profit to you and helps you make the blessed month one that’s stuffed with goal and intention. 

Zeeshan Shah is a Holistic Health Coach and a passionate advocate of wholesome dwelling. She is the proprietor of Eat.Drink.Pure LLC. She empowers and educates girls to eat cleaner in order that they will stop and reverse illness. She suffered from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and reversed it efficiently via meals and way of life tweaks and needs to assist others to take cost of their very own well being. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube as @eatdrinkpure. Learn extra about her applications and customized teaching on her web site www.eatdrinkpure.com. Download the Towards A Healthier Ramadan Guide right here.


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